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The Fallen King

My lifelong project that I hope to continue on forever or until I feel it has reached its conclusion is my story, "The Fallen King." Though it's currently just a single book that's in the editing phase, I plan on releasing more novels telling more about the world of "The Fallen King." On my YouTube channel I'll upload music videos alongside some artwork, all pertaining to the story. I'll also post any and all videos about "The Fallen King" here as well.

What is The Fallen King?


The Fallen King is a world I have created that is full of magic and wonder, with mythical creatures and Gods alike. However, this series focuses on two particular magics: Darkness and Light. Though having been perceived as two forces locked in an eternal struggle, in reality they are more like siblings, occasionally having fights, but getting along quite well. Yet, once the two do combat one another, when the dust settles and the smoke clears all that is left behind is death and destruction; pure and utter Chaos, a force that could threaten the world as we know it and bring about the end of all Life. 

In my first book, you follow the story from the eyes of a few children, set in the world where humanity dominates the world with their machines and knowledge of Darkness and Light, wiping out any other species they may find. Not to mention, the world, which is one massive continent, is split into two human factions: The Shadow Theocracy and the Kingdom of Light. Believing that either Darkness or Light must rule the world, our main characters will set out to change this war, but soon will discover they bit off more than they can chew and may unknowingly bring about a second struggle for life itself.